RITMO assembles a multi-disciplinary team of outstanding researchers and students, from computer science, industrial and operations engineeringcivil and environmental engineering,  emergency medicine, the school of information, urban planning, and the transportation research institute.  The project is partnering with Ford Motor CompanyUM Logistics, Transportation, and ParkingUM Information and Technology Services, UM advanced research computing technology services for the deployment of our technologies. 

RITMO also collaborates with UM Poverty Solutions to improve accessibility to jobs, health-care, and education for all segments of the population. This collaboration include case studies in Ypsilanti and Detroit.



  • Ceren Budak, Assistant Professor, School of Information.
  • Amy Cohn, Arthur F. Thurnau Associate Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering.
  • Patrick Carter. Assistant Professor. Emergency Medicine.
  • Rebecca Cunningham, M.D., Associate Chair for Research and Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine, Director of the CDC-funded Injury Center, Professor in the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education of the U-M School of Public Health, and Associate Director of the Flint Youth Violence Prevention Center.
  • Tawanna Dillahunt, Assistant Professor, School of Information.
  • Robert Hampshire, Assistant Research Professor, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.
  • Jerome Lynch, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sci- ence, University of Michigan.
  • Jonathan Levine, Emil Lorch Collegiate Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.
  • Louis Merlin,  Assistant professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Florida Atlantic University.
  • Luis Ortiz, Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science, University of Michigan – Dearborn.
  • Jim Sayer, Director, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.
  • Pascal Van Hentenryck, Seth Bonder Collegiate Professor, Industrial and Operations Engineering, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Michael Wellman, Lynn A. Conway Collegiate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering.

Collaborators at the University of Michigan

  • Tom Amerman, UM Information and Technology Services.
  • Will Burns, UM Information and Technology Services.
  • Stephen Dolen, UM Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Aradhna Krishna, Ross Business School.
  • Jeffrey Sica, UM Advanced Research Computing Technology Services.
  • Lisa Solomon, UM Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Jane Zhao, UM Information and Technology Services.

Research Scientists

  • Arunesh Sinha, Assistant Research Scientist, Electrical engineering and computer science.

Post-Graduate Students

  • Antoine Legrain,  industrial and operations engineering.


  • Tim Hull, industrial and operations engineering

Graduate Students

  • Connor Riley, industrial and operations engineering.
  • Mohd Hafiz Hasan, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Xiang Yan, Urban Planning.

Master Students

  • Clara Ying Zhang, Industrial and Operations Engineering.

Undergraduate Students

  • Edward Fenwick, Seth Bonder Undergraduate, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Jacob Ketterer, Seth Bonder Undergraduate, electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Yeqing Lin, Computer Science and Data Science.
  • Joshua Lustig, electrical engineering and computer science and industrial and operations engineering.
  • Benjamin Reeves, Seth Bonder undergraduate, electrical engineering and computer science.