Mobility App

Join in to change the future of the transportation!

RITMO aims at changing mobility for all students on the UM campus, introducing on-demand services and high-frequency services between key sites on campus, and synchronizing the various services. To inform the design and operations of the system, RITMO, ITS, and ARC-TS have developed a mobile application to track anonymously the mobility of students, faculty, and staff around campus. The goal is to acquire mobility data of unprecedented accuracy. The RITMO team will then mine and synthesize the data to understand the mobility needs of the UM community and inform the design and implementation of the on-demand multimodal transit system on the UM campus. 

The application will be transparently integrated into the Michigan application and will be available for both Android and IOS devices. The application is on an opt-in basis and the data collected will be anonymized and used for research purposes only. The mobility application will come live on September 12. Here is a short video of what the Michigan apps will ask you so that we can acquire your mobility data.